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5 Things we've learned so far this NHL season

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

The 2021-22 NHL season has been a bumpy ride so far. We've seen a lot of teams underperform, plenty of injuries and COVID-19 still lurking around. What happens next is unpredictable.

Here are seven things we've learned so far this 2021-22 NHL campaign.

5. The Golden knights set the bar too high for the Kraken

The newest expansion team the Seattle Kraken just entered the league this year, and they have not been performing too well. They currently sit 31st in the NHL with a 4-12-1 record, and we're starting to set our expectations back to normal for expansion teams. Although there is still plenty of time for Seattle to turn their season around, there's no doubt this team is not on the same level as the expansion Vegas team.

This tweet didn't age well ...

4. The 21/22 Vancouver Canucks have the worst Penalty Kill in NHL history

At this point it seems guaranteed that with every game they play, they surrender 1-2 power play goals to the opposing team. This team is set to break the all-time worst penalty kill record that was initially set by the 1979-80 LA kings who had a 67.7% Penalty Kill. The Canucks are currently sitting at 60.3% thru 17 games.

3. The Detroit Red Wings rookie class is unmatched

Lucas Raymond of the Red Wings currently leads all rookies with 18 points. The current runner up in the rookie points race is also a Red Wings defenseman, Moritz Seider (13 points). What are you feeding your rookies @DetroitRedWings?

2. The Montreal Canadiens NEED to rebuild

The management for the Canadiens has been refusing to rebuild for 30 years because they don't want to suck for a couple of seasons. Despite one miraculous cup run in the middle of the pandemic last season, this team has not been a contender since winning the cup in 1992-93.

Montreal had a losing record last season (24-21-11), barely made it into the playoffs and some how advanced through 3 teams in the playoffs. Reality hit them hard this season & it's time for a rebuild.

1. Alex Ovechkin is still elite

The greatest goal scorer of our era shows no signs of slowing down. He is 3rd in the NHL in points (26) and second in goals (12) only behind Leon Draisaitl of the Edmonton Oilers.

As of this morning, Ovechkin has 742 career goals and needs 153 more to pass Wayne Gretzky as the greatest goal scorer of all time.

“If he stays healthy and, knock on wood for the game of hockey that he does, I hope he does break it — just not against us.” Logan Couture of the San Jose Sharks weighed in.



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