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5 interesting Facts about the Great Alex Ovechkin

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

The 35 year-old Russian Winger has just scored his 742nd NHL goal to overtake Brett Hull for fourth place on the all-time goals list. He currently has 12 Goals and 12 Assists so far this season, and shows no signs of slowing down.

He is currently attempting to break the NHL goals record (894 Goals) set by the Great one himself, Wayne Gretzky.

We are witnessing potential history in the making, and what better way to honor his legacy than to share 5 interesting facts about the super-star NHL player.

5. He was in an ESPN commercial where he pretends to be a Russian Spy.

This hilarious commercial from early January 2011 where Ovechkin and Varlamov are Russian spies.

Who knew the great 8 can act too?

4. He's close friends with Vladimir Putin

With how big the sport of Hockey is in Russia now, there's no question the Russian president Putin wouldn't be a fan of the greatest Russian-born NHL player of all time.

Ovechkin says that he has Putin's home number and the president sent the newlywed Ovechkin's a wedding gift.

"Alex Ovechkin is one of Putin's biggest fans. The question is, why?" - The Washington Post - 11/25/17

in 2017, Ovechkin announced via Instagram that he was starting a social movement called "Putin team" to unite russia. When he was asked if it was political, Ovechkin said, "I just support my country, you know? That's where i'm from, my parents live there, all my friends. Like every human from different countries, they support their president. It's not about political stuff". (From Alex Ovechkin's 'social movement') - The Washington Post - 11/02/17

3. Ovechkin has a wax figure in a Washington wax Museum

How cool is that? Which one is the real Alex Ovechkin?

Ovechkin spent hours over the Summer of 2011 allowing studio artists from Madame Tussauds to take more than 250 precise measurements and photographs, capturing the legend from every angle.

Ovi even donated his full Capitals uniform, pads and equipment to ensure its authenticity.

The Ovechkin wax figure still stands at the Madame Tussaud's Washington D.C. museum to this day, so go check it out for yourself !

2. His parents operate the Unofficial Alexander Ovechkin Museum

Here is the unofficial Alexander Ovechkin museum, operated at the family's country home outside of Moscow, Russia. Featuring many unique pieces of Ovechkin memorabilia.

Inside the room includes pieces of equipment from his days with the Moscow Dynamo, a statue of Ovi that Capitals owner Ted Leonsis commissioned during his rookie year, Ovechkin Russian Nesting Dolls, A painting of him riding a horse while playing the mandolin, an Ulf Dahlen San Jose Sharks jersey, the first piece of NHL memorabilia his father had bought him and countless NHL accomplishment reminders, banners and medals.

1. His hockey passion was fueled by early tragedy

Ovechkin was only 10 years old when his older brother Sergei died in a car crash. The very next day, Ovechkin took part in a youth hockey game.

"It was hard, I was crying. I remember I was crying that day. I was on the bench, I was crying." - Ovechkin said. "It was hard but at 10 years old, you don't realize what's happening. It was a hard moment for my mom and dad, for all my family because oldest son passed away. It was a hard time".

Following Sergei's death, Ovechkin was more motivated than ever to succeed in hockey since it was up to just him and his other brother, Mikhail, to support their rapidly aging parents.

Alex recalls, Sergei “taught him to fight to the end and give all of himself on ice.”

Alex and Sergei

At just 10 year's old, Alex got into the Dynamo Moscow system, and began to play for children's teams in the Moscow championship. Alex was well ahead of his time and played for the elders, but was always the best hockey player on the ice.

That concludes our 5 fact's about the supreme Alex Ovechkin. Which one surprised you the most?



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