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Anna Kane hilariously donates to Ryan Hartman to pay the fine for flipping off Evander Kane

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Of all stories in the NHL this season, the situation between Hartman and Kane may just take the cake, and now Anna Kane has gotten involved in a hilarious way.

Yes, Evander Kane's ex-wife who has been filling our news feeds with her accusations on Kane, has donated to Ryan Hartman's Venmo to pay off a $4,25k fine he was issued this morning.

Hartman was issued the fine for flipping a middle finger to Evander Kane during last nights game between the Wild and the Oilers. If you missed that, you can read about it here.

Minnesota Wild fans and other hockey fans have been donating to Ryan Hartman to pay this fine because of how much they hate Evander Kane. They also all leave a friendly little message with their contributions.

Here's a snippet from Anna Kane's Instagram story, where she posts that she sent $200.00 to Ryan Hartman.