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Arizona Coyotes break NHL record

The Arizona Coyotes have done something no other team has done before. After defeating the Washington Capitals 6-0 on Monday night, they've officially made history.

Desert Dogs make history

Led by a very impressive group of young studs, this Coyotes team looks to make a return to the playoffs in 2024. At an impressive 13-9-2, they're on a mission to prove that hockey does in fact belong in the desert. They've won 5 straight games, all against the five previous Stanley Cup winning teams.

The Coyotes are in fact, the first team in NHL history to achieve such an odd feat.

Those five victories started with a 2-0 victory over Vegas. They then went on to defeat Tampa Bay 3-1, the Avalanche 4-3, St. Louis 4-1 and now Washington 6-0.

Connor Ingram posted two shutouts over the five game heater, and the Coyotes had an unbelievable +14 Goal Differential (19 GF, 5 GA).

Whats Next?

The Coyotes host the Philadelphia Flyers on Thursday night at Mullett arena, before heading back out on the road to face the tough Boston Bruins. They will play 5 of their next 10 games at home, right through the Christmas break.

Unfortunately, the Coyotes don't play the Penguins next so they won't have an opportunity to extend their streak to six.

Are the Coyotes a playoff team?

  • Yes

  • No


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