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Asking price for Jake Guentzel revealed

The asking price for the Penguins superstar has been revealed, and it's not cheap.

Guentzel's name has been floating around the rumor mill for quite a while now. Multiple teams have confirmed interest in the winger, including the Vancouver Canucks who look to find a goal scorer to play alongside J.T. Miller and Brock Boeser on the second line.

His agent said his client (Guentzel) is taking it slow with the trade deadline still weeks away, however, he has provided us with a better idea of what the Penguins are looking at for a return in a potential blockbuster trade.

You can listen to the Donnie & Dhali podcast below where they discuss the asking price to acquire the 29-year-old below:

To acquire Guentzel, The Penguins are looking for a 1st round pick, a top prospect and a player, Rick Dhaliwal confirms on the podcast.

"If you're going to get Guentzel as a rental, you better go deep in the playoffs" Says Rick Dhaliwal, "Guentzel is a rental. The Canucks are finally starting to rebuild their prospect pool because the previous regime threw away 500 first round picks" He adds.

Guentzel currently is signed to a 5-year, $30 million deal ($6M AAV) which is set to expire at the end of the 2023-24 season. Expect him to receive a long term deal somewhere between $9-11 Million each year, which is a significant pay raise.

The two-time 40 goal scorer has been a cornerstone on this Penguins team during the playoffs. He scored 13 goals in 25 games when Pittsburgh won the Stanley Cup in 2016-17.

During the 2017-18 playoffs, Jake scored an impressive 10 goals, 21 points in 12 games despite being eliminated in the second round.