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Bedard could become first player in nearly a decade to join exclusive All-Time list

Connor Bedard is undeniably the biggest story going into the 2023-24 season. He has sky-high expectations and the entire hockey world watching. No rookie has had this much hype surround them since Connor McDavid.

There is an exclusive group of 11 players All-Time who have done something almost unheard, and Connor Bedard could be the twelth member of this elite company.

In NHL history, only 11 players have went on to lead their team in scoring in the season following their draft. The most recent player to do this? Auston Matthews.

The entire list of players to accomplish this rare feat:

G. Perreault (72 PTS) -- Buffalo, 1970-71

D. Potvin (54 PTS) -- NY Islanders, 1973-74

B. Smith (79 PTS) -- Minnesota, 1978-79

W. Gretzky (137 PTS) -- Edmonton, 1979-80

P. Stastny (109 PTS) -- Quebec, 1980-81

D. Hawerchuk (100 PTS) -- Winnipeg, 1981-82

S. Yzerman (87 PTS) -- Detroit, 1983-84

M. Lemieux (100 PTS) -- Pittsburgh, 1984-85

L. Robitaille (84 PTS) -- Los Angeles, 1986-87

T. Selänne (132 PTS) -- Winnipeg, 1992-93

D. Alfredsson (61 PTS) -- Ottawa, 1995-96

A. Ovechkin (106 PTS) -- Washington, 2005-06

S. Crosby (102 PTS) -- Pittsburgh, 2005-06

P. Kane (72 PTS) -- Chicago, 2007-08

A. Matthews (69 PTS) -- Toronto, 2016-17

Every player on this list is currently (or eventually going to be) a Hall-Of-Famer, besides Bobby Smith.

Surprisingly, Connor McDavid was held back from this accomplishment due to an injury that ended his rookie campaign early.

Considering Max Domi led Chicago in points last season with 49, there is a strong likelihood that Connor Bedard runs away with the highest points total on the Blackhawks.

Will Bedard be the highest scoring Blackhawk next year

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