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Brad Marchand suspended for Slew-Footing Canucks Oliver Ekman-larsson

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Canucks fans have something to smile about for the first time this season

Brad Marchand has been suspended three-games for his dirty play on Canucks defenseman Oliver Ekman-Larsson in Sunday nights game between the Bruins and Canucks. This was following a hearing by the league today.

Marchand played an extremely dirty game against the rival Canucks, with which Marchand led both teams in hits with 5 in 20:10 of ice time. Marchand is known to be quite a pest to the Canucks and he is not very likeable in the city of Vancouver. Multiple times he has been seen taunting Canucks fans because he was a part of the 2011 Bruins team that defeated the Canucks in the Stanley cup final.

The Slew-foot was initially uncalled in the game, and fans strongly voiced their opinions online by the missed call.

Marchand will be missing tomorrow night’s game against the Detroit Red Wings, Thursday against the Nashville Predators and Saturday against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Currently, Marchand leads all Boston Bruins skaters with 24 points In 18 games.

This will be a major loss for the team as they are going against three key opponents, with two of them being Atlantic-division rivals.

Marchand showed us all why he is still Canucks fans most hated player. And despite the 3-2 loss, the Canucks get the last laugh.



Chris Ericksen
Chris Ericksen
Nov 30, 2021

My Opinion.....if Officials do not assess a penalty during the Game.....Should be the End of It. Post Game penalties tke authority away from Game Officials. IF a penalty is assessed during for Suspension Purposes is fine. Again.....My Opinion

Benjamin C
Benjamin C
Dec 02, 2021
Replying to

agreed, 3 games was a little extreme.

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