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Breaking: 23-Year Old hockey player killed altercation outside of Cafe


23-year-old Roman Didur was stabbed to death outside of a coffee shop in Moscow, Russia on Sunday morning.

According to multiple reports, Didur was at the café during the early hours of Sunday morning when he entered an altercation with someone else who was there.

After arguing inside the establishment for some time, the two took it outside. Which is where Didur was stabbed in the chest.


Reports indicate he bled to death before an ambulance could arrive at the scene. Three hours after the incident, police arrested 37-year-old Armen Kuyumdzhi, who owns an apartment nearby. At last check, he was still being questioned by police.

Didur played in the Moscow Student Hockey League (MSHL) up until 2017-18. He played a total of 165 matches at the youth and student levels. He was still playing hockey for an amateur club in Moscow.

Our sincere condolences to Roman's family and friends.