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Breaking News: Junior Russian Hockey Player Passes Away at 16

Dynamo Moscow defenseman Valentin Rodionov has passed away at the age of 16, as confirmed by the Russian Hockey Federation.

The incident happened during a youth match between the Dynamo and CSKA Moscow in the Moscow Open Championship. Valentin initially lost consciousness and was admitted to the Children's hospital of Morozov in Russia. There he was placed in an induced coma, followed by an emergency surgery procedure.

Doctors fought for Valentin's life over the next six days, however, sadly, he could not be saved.

This had been Valentin's 11th career game with the Dynamo. And in October, he had played for the U-17 Russian national team where he put up 1 assist.

We wish anyone who personally knew this young stud our condolences. This is a major loss to the hockey world.


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So so sorry this is a tragic loss for everyone concerned God Bless him and his family and friends and his teammates on all teams that he played on.