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Canucks captain Quinn Hughes comments on Losing culture, desire to Win in Vancouver

Multiple Canucks players have come forward, and are fed up with the losing culture in the city of Vancouver, mainly surrounding the Vancouver Canucks and their failure to make a splash in the postseason year after year.

Captain Quinn Hughes is the most recent player to come forward and discuss how he feels about the continued losing he has faced since arriving in Vancouver in 2018.

Quinn Hughes said he's "just so sick and tired of losing", and that he doesn't want to be sitting at home watching his brothers in the playoffs ever year.

"I'm sick of it. Sick to my stomach, completely fed up with it, to be honest". Said Quinn Hughes on continued losing.

Hughes said he's been pushing himself and his teammates hard to improve so that they get into the playoffs, "zero excuses to miss this season."

“I'm 23, 24,” Hughes told Sportsnet. “I feel like I'm just starting to understand the game. Last year and in previous seasons to start, I've struggled. (I had) injuries the last two camps, and right now I feel really fresh — knock on wood. Just mentally, I feel like I'm 40 games into the season right now. My mind is sharp.

“Like, I've always told you, when I'm 27 or 28 or 29, I feel like I'm going to be at my best,” Hughes said. “But I feel like I'm just coming into my zone right now as a 23 year old, where I can be a really, really good player this year.

“Winning is everything. Personal success, you can do whatever you want to do. But if you're watching guys in the playoffs, I mean, that's the worst thing. Everyone always says culture, but what does culture really mean? I think it's really just pushing to get the best out of guys within the group.”

Other players on the Canucks who have displayed their frustration on their lack of success are star centerman Elias Pettersson, and goaltender Thatcher Demko.

Demko went as far as saying that this season is "do or die" for the current Canucks core to make some noise come playoff time.

Pettersson has been holding out on contract extension discussions until further notice, wanting to have a successful season before making a decision on his future in Vancouver.

Will the Canucks make the playoffs in 2023-24?

  • Yes

  • No



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