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Check out Connor McDavid's sweet new house, designed by his long-time Girlfriend

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

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Connor McDavid is the first player in NHL history to carry a cap hit of $12.5M. As well, McDavid has multi-million dollar endorsements with CCM, Adidas and Rogers.

In other words, McDavid has money. A lot of it. It should be no surprise to anybody that his house would reflect on his earnings.

Connor is in the midst of an 8-year $100M contract, so it appears him and his Girlfriend have decided to settle in Edmonton for the long-term.

Back in July, 2020, Caroline Gault of EDify got to check out McDavid's house, designed by his girlfriend Lauren Kyle.

Let's take a look inside the 8000-square-foot McDavid mansion, shall we?

all photos by Paul Swanson

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This glass wine-bar wall in the basement is stocked with hundreds of bottles of wine.

Black and White appears to be the common trend in the McDavid Mansion.

They even have an indoor sports court inside their house, wow! Connor refer’s to it as “One of the most used spaces in the house”.

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“Connor doesn’t like showing off hockey memorabilia,” Lauren said when asked about the lack of hockey in the infrastructure.

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So what do you think? Would you want to live in a house like this?