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Connor Bedard shows frustration to reporters after Blowout loss

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Bedard expressed his frustration when asked about the Blackhawks recent 6-1 beat down by the Red Wings.

Bedard not happy with his performance

Bedard met with media during a pre-game interview Tuesday morning. He was asked how he felt about Sunday nights 6-1 loss to the Red Wings. He gave a brief, sarcastic response to the reporters.

"I was thrilled"

You can watch the full question and response below.

During the thrashing, Bedard failed to record a single point in 20:52 of ice time. He did, however, take five shots on net.

It's great to see Bedard express his frustration and wanting to win with his squad. Even though it's just a pre-season Loss, he still takes lots of pride in wearing the Blackhawks sweater.

Is Bedard going to win a Stanley Cup with Chicago?

  • Yes

  • No


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