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Dallas Stars owner Tom Gaglardi bashes his star players

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The Dallas Stars owner has some harsh words for his two players, captain Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin.

During an interview this afternoon, Gaglardi was not hesitant to call out his star players for not producing enough based off how much cap space they are taking up (Listen Below).

"They're responsible guys, and I expect them to step up and get better", added Gaglardi.

He also mentions Tyler Seguin's recent injury struggles and that he hasn't been 100% lately.

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Jamie Benn, at 33-years-old, saw his production dwindle over the last couple of seasons. In 2021-22, he put up 18 goals and 46 points in 82 games. His cap hit is $9,500,000 annually for the next three seasons.

Seguin has seen a significant drop off as well. 2021-22 was his worst point production since his rookie season. He only put up 24 goals, 49 points in 81 games which doesn't justify a $9,850,000 cap hit.

Dallas (46-30-6) entered the playoffs as a 1st-wildcard seed, and saw their hopes get shattered when they fell to the Calgary Flames in game 7 of the 1st round.

Will the Stars be able to return to the show next season?