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Golden Knights look to tie 40-year NHL record Thursday

The Vegas Golden Knights are closing in on NHL history, as they look to tie a 40-year record on Thursday night.

The Golden Knights, coming off their shocking Stanley Cup victory in the 2022-23 season, have not let their foot off the gas pedal 1 week into the 2023-24 campaign.

with their 4-0 record, they sit atop the league. They are closing in on tying a long-time record, held by the Oilers since 1985-86.

The Golden Knights can match the longest season opening wins streak by a defending Stanley Cup champion. The record is currently held by the Oilers, who started their 1985-86 campaign 5-0 following their 1984-85 Championship.

They are currently tied with 7 other clubs at 4-0.

The Golden Knights take on the Jets Thursday night at 5pm PST. If they manage to win, they will then be able to set the record against the Blackhawks on Saturday night.

Will Vegas set the record?

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