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Horgan places friendly bet with Washington governor in tonights Canucks-Kraken game

BC Premier John Horgan

BC Premier John Horgan earlier today at 10:53am sent a friendly challenge to the Washington governor Jay Inslee.

ahead of tonights battle between the Vancouver Canucks and the Seattle Kraken, a friendly wager - Which he tweeted out on his account as seen below.

Governor Jay Inslee tweeted back right away at 10:57am accepting the wager. He did not signify about what he would be sending back the other way if (when) the Kraken lose tonight.

The Vancouver Canucks enter tonights game 2-2-1, while the Seattle Kraken are off to an abysmal start at 1-3-1.

Well, it appears that the Washington governor Inslee is very confident about the Seattle Kraken winning tonight. This could be the spark of a brand new rivalry between the two franchises in the Pacific North West.

The Canucks are wrapping up their 6 game road trip tonight, before Tuesday nights home opener when they host the Minnesota Wild.

Go Canucks Go !