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Joe Thornton was seen skating with this NHL team

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The Joe Thornton era in the NHL may not be completely finished yet. Atleast we can all hope.

The 43-year-old wasn't given a contract by the Florida Panthers following his brief disappointing 34-game stint with the franchise, which led everyone to believe that Thornton's career was coming to an end.

However, yesterday, the future hall-of-famer was seen skating with the San Jose Sharks rookies in Northern California.

He was seen rocking the teal Sharks uniform, practicing with the rookies.

Will the San Jose Sharks legend be getting another opportunity to play/retire with the club that he spent 15-seasons in the NHL with?

Although his best years may be long behind him, Thornton will be able to provide some value to the franchise under a short-term contract. His mentorship will be a valuable asset to any team.

At the very least, Thornton should be considered to be brought in as a coach for the Sharks organization.

Although, we could be wrong, it appears Thornton could be negotiating a future contract.

He is the greatest Sharks player of all time, as well as one of the greatest players in NHL history. He currently sits 12th all time in scoring, with 1539 points in 1714 career NHL games.

Thornton was also seen working out with locals at Setoguchi's gym in San Jose recently.

Is an NHL return possible for the NHL legend Joe Thornton? Or are his playing days behind him now? Let us know down below.



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