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Joel Quenneville Resigns as Florida Panthers head coach

Breaking news: Florida Panthers head coach Joel Quenneville has just announced his resignation amidst a scandal involving members of the 2010 Chicago Blackhawks management.

Joel Quenneville had a meeting with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman today about his role in the Sexual-assault cover up. Quenneville was the head coach of the 2010 Blackhawks team when the scandal took place.

Former coach Quenneville last appeared behind the bench on Wednesday night when the Florida Panthers defeated the Boston Bruins 4-1.

He spent 11 years coaching the Chicago Blackhawks and had been the Florida head coach since the 2019-20 season.

In July, Quenneville told the media that he was unaware of any allegations, and when asked on Wednesday if he stood by those comments, he said “I do, but I can’t comment on it,” despite the report saying otherwise.

After the public outrage that Quenneville has faced, it is highly unlikely that another team will give him another chance at coaching in the NHL.

The Florida Panthers were off to one of the best starts in their teams 27 year history, posting a 7-0 Record thus far.

More to come.



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