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Leafs Mitch Marner set an NHL record against Florida on Tuesday night

Back on Tuesday evening, the Toronto Maple Leaf's fell 7-6 to the Florida Panthers. However, that night, Mitch Marner set an NHL record that you probably didn't even realize until now.

At the beginning of the second period, Marner tallied a pair of quick goals to give the Leafs the 3-1 lead, however, the first goal came on the powerplay at 30 seconds, and the second goal was shorthanded at 1:07.

No player in NHL history has ever scored a powerplay goal and a short-handed goal simultaneously in a quicker span than Mitch Marner.

He surpassed NHL legend Mario Lemieux who held the record at 47-seconds for 33 straight years, until Tuesday night.

Alongside the NHL's leading goal scorer Auston Matthews, Marner is playing some of the best hockey of his career. He currently has 89 points in 62 games which puts him in rather impressive company.


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