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Marc-Andre Fleury shows off his crazy new mask - Read the inspiration behind it

Ever since his trade to the Minnesota Wild, Marc-Andre Fleury has been absolutely dominant. He has elevated his team to new heights and suddenly Minnesota looks like a Stanley Cup contender.

The fans in Minnesota have loved Fleury since his arrival, and today he showed off his new mask and fan's are going crazy over its intricate design.

Marc Andre Fleury said his new mask "Is called the Wild beast and his open mouth concept is inspired by NHL legend goaltender Andy Moog's old mask of his Boston Bruins."

Fleury knows it's sacrilege with a Bruins inspired mask being a former Habs fan, But he's a goalie fan too."

Lots of people still believe Andy Moog's helmet with the Boston Bruins is the best goalie mask of all time.



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