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Canadian teams early season Report Cards

We are giving a letter grade to all seven Canadian NHL clubs, with an explanation as to why they've earned the letter they receive.

All teams will be placed in order from worst-best, based on how well they've performed since the 2023-24 season began.

Winnipeg Jets: D-

The Winnipeg Jets have struggled, to say the least. They currently sit 29th in the NHL with a 1-3-0 record, and a -6 goal differential.

Their home record of 1-2-0 to start the season is a concern. There were some expectations for Winnipeg going into the 2023-24 campaign. They've got elite offensive production from Mark Scheifele and Kyle Connor, exciting young talent in Cole Perfetti, 2022-23 Norris candidate Josh Morrissey and their Vezina caliber goaltender Hellebuyck locked down for another 7 seasons.

The Jets had some tough opponents right out the gate. Facing the two Stanley Cup finalists from last year, as well as difficult matchups against the Kings and Flames.

While 1-3-0 is certainly not the start they hoped for, there is plenty of time for improvement as this season evolves.

Edmonton Oilers: D

The Oilers were placed ahead of the Jets due to having more road matches to start the year, despite having nearly identical stats to the Jets through four games.

Their 1-3-0 record has been surprising despite coming into the 2023-24 season as favorites to win the Stanley Cup by many. Their home record of 0-1-0 is no reason to raise any alarms, as it was a closely fought match with the Canucks, who were outperformed in nearly every way despite winning the contest.

McDavid has been off to a relatively slow start for his standards, posting just 2 goals and 6 points through 4 games.

Goal scoring for the Oilers has been low despite all the offensive weapons this team boasts. They have scored just 11 goals through 4 games (2.75 GF/Game), while surrendering 17 (4.25 GA/Game).

Goaltending has been a main concern for this team in its opening stretch. Between Stuart Skinner and Jack Campbell, both goalies have struggled between the pipes early on.

Expect the Oilers to catch fire real soon, as this is certainly a high scoring team capable of causing headaches for other clubs.

Montreal Canadiens: D