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MUST SEE: These NHL fans have the absolute worst tattoos

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

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As a sports fan, one thing you should never do is get your expectations too high that your favorite team will win the championship. Especially in hockey, where the playoffs are a whole other season and regular season success often gets squandered in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Some of these fans clearly didn't get the memo and got too ahead of themselves before the playoffs even began. While others got too drunk at a Stanley Cup championship party & ended up making a mistake that will stick to them forever.

Here are some of the worst (and funniest) NHL tattoo's we've seen recently.

Wishful Thinking

This is one confident Flames fan.

Maybe he should change that to an Avalanche logo.

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This "Fishsticks the pooh" tattoo that is on the ankle of Alyssa Gluck of Hicksville. And all we want to know is.. Why?

Apparently, she "loves the Islanders so much that she endured the pain to have their logo tattooed on her bikini line".

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Maybe Next Year?

Arguably, one of the worst fan tattoos in existence, this Dr. Seuss depiction of the Maple leaf's logo is about as ugly as it is true by what it depicts. We all know what happened in the playoffs in round 1.

We had to zoom in on the tattoo due to its unfortunate location on this guy's butt.

There's always next year Leaf's fans.

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Hot Dog Phil

Here this tattoo depicts Phil Kessel riding on a hot dog with Lord Stanley himself as a passenger.

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More Hot Dog Phil

This Phil Kessel tattoo depicts him hoarding all the world hot dogs to himself, how selfish of you, Phil.

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Get Gritty with it

Everything about this Gritty tattoo is just.. No.

Let us know which fan tattoo was the worst, and which ones you actually liked.



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