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Report: NHL to stop testing Asymptomatic players and staff after the All-Star break

This is definitely a game-changer for the NHL as they follow other league's in North America. The NHL and NHLPA have apparently agreed that following the All-Star break, they will no longer be testing asymptomatic players and staff members.

This will help limit any further schedule delays due to having less postponements, and it will allow for more flexibility for players and staff to get back to "business as usual".

According to Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet, testing would still occur for players and staff who exhibit symptoms and also when cross-border traffic is required, but other than that, teams will not be expected to test on a routine basis.

The NHL told teams today that 73% of the league's rosters have tested positive this season and approximately 60% have tested positive in the past five weeks. The NHL doesn't test a player for 90 days following a positive case.

The current protocols remain in place until at Feb. 3.

The NHL and NHLPA must meet and review the protocol changes on Jan. 31.

The NHL is hosting its All-Star Weekend in Las Vegas on Feb. 4-5. The plan is to test players before arrival, but not test them through the weekend, according to sources.

Many players in the NHL have reached out publicly pleading for the NHL to change its policy regarding COVID-19 testing.

"We've got guys vaccinated, double vaccinated," St. Louis Blues captain Ryan O'Reilly said back in December. "Some guys aren't showing any symptoms and they're popping in COVID protocol. I think I'd like to see testing if you have symptoms but it's not up to me. It's a league and players' decision."

"At the end of the day, our players are testing positive with very little symptoms, if any symptoms at all," the Red Wings' General Manager Yzerman said back in December. "I don't see it as a threat to their health at this point. So I think we need to take it a step further and question why are we even testing guys that have no symptoms."

This is great news indeed, it's important for the NHL to move on as COVID-19 remains here to stay for the long run. We certainly don't want any more game postponements in the league.