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REPORT: Calgary's Saddledome is falling apart at an alarming rate

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Part of the roof of the Scotiabank Saddledome is falling apart. Literally.

According to a report from an Engineering Firm Entuitive, the roof of the Saddledome has begun collapsing.

Engineering firm Entuitive recommended that there be inspections each spring and fall to monitor any deteriorating conditions of the concrete which have been caused by annual freeze-thaw cycles.

In a letter to the Calgary Flames, they stated "the condition of the concrete around the ring beam is worsening at an accelerated rate."

Pieces appear ready to fall.

This photo shows concrete which fell from the Saddledomes ring beam, which punched a hole in the roof of the building covering for the building's west entrance.

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Back in 2021, the Calgary Flames sought $600 million from the city of Calgary to build a brand new arena, but the deal fell through due to rising costs.

In May of this year, the city hired three officials from the commercial real estate sector to approach CSEC about the potential for restarting talks on a new arena.

The Saddledome opened for business on October 15, 1983 and has been in use by the Calgary Flames ever since. However, it appears to be time for a new arena.