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REPORT: Major update in the case between Evander Kane and the San Jose Sharks

September 9, 2022 12:23 PM PST

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There has been a major update on the case between the San Jose Sharks and Evander Kane.

The San Jose Sharks terminated Evander Kane's contract under approval from the NHL, however, Kane wasn't going away that easily.

When Kane was sent to the AHL, the Sharks claimed Kane breached the AHL's COVID-19 protocol, therefore they felt justified to terminate his contract, but Kane's agent Dan Milstein felt differently.

Almost immediately, Kane's party filed a grievance with the league, and we have yet to hear about a ruling on the matter.

However, yesterday it had become clear that a resolution between the two sides is extremely unlikely.

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Both sides seem to care more about being right than actually reaching a settlement. According to Oilers Access on Twitter.

We are not expecting to see a ruling on the case before the regular season begins. However, in the unlikely event that Kane win's back his contract with the Sharks, a trade would have to be worked out to send Kane back to Edmonton again.

This situation is definitely worrisome for Oilers fans, as the forward was phenomenal for the team during the 2021-22 playoffs, where Kane scored 13 goals in 15 playoff appearances.

He also proved his capabilities during the regular season as he put up 22 goals in 43 games with the Oilers.