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Mitchell Miller will get paid $500k regardless of Boston terminating his contract

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

After NHL commissioner Gary Bettman announced that Mitchell Miller would not be eligible to play in the league, the Boston Bruins quickly reversed their contract with the controversial player only 72-hours after signing him.

However, there is some bad news for fans who were hoping that Miller would get nothing out of his brief stint with the Boston Bruins.

Mitchell Miller will be getting paid regardless of the team's decision to cut ties with him, and it will be a lot of money.

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Miller will be earning an estimated $500,000 in guaranteed salary for the duration of the contract, even though he may never play in the NHL.

The contract was signed on November 4th, with an AAV of $950,000 for a total value of $2,850,000 over the length of three years.

Bettman called Miller's actions “reprehensible, unacceptable” on Saturday during the 2022 NHL Global Series in Finland.

Almost immediately after the signing, the Bruins faced immense backlash from players, fans and the media.

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Bruins president Cam Neely called the Miller signing 'absolutely' his biggest regret on Monday morning, as the blowback towards the Bruins franchise continues.

“I take a lot of pride in what we stand for as an organization, and we failed there,” Neely said before adding he planned to speak with the Meyer-Crothers family.

Miller and another classmate were charged with assault and for violating the Ohio Safe Schools Act in February 2016 after making their classmate eat a push-pop they had wiped in a bathroom urinal.

The two teens then punched, and beat up the student according to police reports acquired by the Arizona Republic. They were sentenced to 25-hours of community service for their crimes.

Miller, who was 14 at the time of the crime, admitted to the charge in an Ohio Juvenile court.

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According to the student, Miller had been taunting and using racial slurs toward him for years.

Bruins upper management definitely made the right decision with cutting ties from Miller, however, he should have never been signed in the first place and the incident will go down as one of the most controversial in Bruins team history.



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