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Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini accused of child abuse

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

The multi-billionaire owner of the Vancouver Canucks, Francesco Aquilini, has landed himself in some hot water as allegations against him have begun to surface.

Three of Aquilini's children have now came out against their father, saying he abused them as children.

The three children no longer wish for contact with their father, and they feel "fear and anxiety" at the thought of contacting him.

The children described physical and psychological abuse from their father.

In one incident, Aquilini allegedly beat one of his sleeping children, and continued the beating even after the child woke up.

One of his children claims to have seen their father throw a five-year-old child across a room.

Another allegation has him punching a child in the stomach, causing the child to cry.

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One of Aquilini's children is 24 years old and is pursuing a master’s degree abroad.

A second child, 22 years old, is completing a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

The third child, now 20 years old, is in medical school with aspirations to become a surgeon.

All three kids live with their mom, who has custody of them. They stay with her during school breaks and during holidays.

This story will be updated as more clarity comes out on this case.