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Multiple teams interested in KHL star

One of the KHL's biggest stars has been linked to several NHL teams as of Wednesday, January 10.

Tsyplakov linked to 4 teams

Maxim Tsyplakov, 25, has been lights out in the KHL (Kontinental Hockey League) this year, scoring 22 goals, 32 points through 48 games with Spartak Moskva in Russia.

There have been four teams confirmed as interested in the goal scorer, with a decision to likely be made when Spartak's season ends at the end of February.

The four teams interested in Maxim are the Coyotes, Bruins, Maple Leaf's and Red Wings.

The KHL is arguably the second biggest Hockey league on the planet, just behind the NHL. They hoist several big-name players, and occasionally NHL teams get their hands on some of these guys when they slip through the cracks.

Most recently, Andrei Kuzmenko is one notable player to come from the KHL who made a massive impact on his respected hockey club. In his NHL debut, he scored 39 goals with the Vancouver Canucks.