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Ryan Hartman has been punished for flipping Evander Kane the bird (Video)

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During last nights game between the Minnesota Wild and the Edmonton Oilers, things got pretty heated. Evander Kane was once again the center of attention as things got ugly late in the game.

When the score was 5-1, Kailer Yamamoto and Mats Zuccarello started pushing and shoving each other, and that's when Evander Kane challenged super star Kirill Kaprizov to a scrum, which definitely pissed off Ryan Hartman (watch below)

After the game, Hartman mentioned that if he were to get punished by the NHL, it would be well worth it.

This morning, the NHL Player Safety announced that Hartman received a fine of $4.25k which is the maximum allowable under the CBA for unsportsmanlike conduct, which is hardly a slap on the wrist.

This is not the first time Hartman and Kane have went at it. And in Hartman's case, the fine was definitely worth flipping off Kane for.

Should these two teams meet in the post-season, this will make for one high intensity match up.



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