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The health of Mike Bossy is deteriorating rapidly as he returns home for his final moments

As reported by The Blue Pocket, Mike Bossy is fighting for his life after his cancer became aggressive.

The New York Islanders legend, hall-of-famer Mike Bossy has been dealing with rapidly declining health since his Lung cancer diagnosis back in October.

He was broadcasting for TVA sports as an on-air analyst before stepping down due to the Lung cancer diagnosis.

According to recent news and inside sources, the 65-year-old has returned back home to live out his final moments with his family and loved ones.

Over 10 seasons, the NHL legend scored 573 goals and won four consecutive Stanley cups as a member of the Islanders dynasty in the 1980's.

In the history of the NHL, Bossy ranks highest with 0.762 goals/game. Beating out other all-time greats such as Mario Lemieux (0.754), Cy Denneny (0.751), and Wayne Gretzky (0.601).

Playoff MVP Mike Bossy raises the Stanley cup

Many fans have taken to Twitter to honor the legacy of one of the greatest goal scorers the NHL has ever seen.

Arguably the greatest right-winger of all time, Bossy put up 1,126 points in 752 games with 7 total seasons above the 100-point mark.

We're sending our thoughts and prayers to Mike Bossy and his loved ones.

The article will be updated regularly as we hear more.



May I ask the writer who his "inside sources" are? This all originated with a Facebook post on an Islanders group from someone who claimed to be a relative and wasn't? LET THE FAMILY HAVE THEIR PRIVACY. When it is time the family and the Islanders will make an announcement.


Don Wall
Don Wall
Apr 03, 2022