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This hockey Hall-Of-Famer's son just signed with a major Soccer club

Here's something you probably didn't know.

Valter, the son of NHL Hall-Of-Famer Henrik Sedin, is a member of the Vancouver Whitecaps F.C. Pre-Academy.

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At 15-years-old, the impressive midfielder has been partaking in training with the Major League Soccer club in its pipeline.

He joined the club in August 2020 at just 13-years of age, after previously playing with Fusion FC in the EA SPORTS BC Soccer Premier League.

You can click here to read his current player profile on the Official Vancouver Whitecaps website.

The Sedin twins led fantastic 17-year careers with the Vancouver Canucks, entering the Hall-Of-Fame as earlier this year.

Hopefully, his son will follow in his fathers footsteps.