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This NHL team has the most tattooed sports logo in the world

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The NHL has some of the most diehard fans in the sports world, and some fans love to take their fandom to a whole new level of extreme.

According to a study by, the Toronto Maple Leafs logo has been tattooed onto more fans than any other pro sports team in the world, followed by the Denver Broncos (NFL).

In fact, three NHL teams have made the top-9 most tattooed sports teams in the world. This is based on hashtags on Instagram.

The other two NHL teams to crack the top-9 are teams that have found success in recent years. The Blackhawks dynasty lasted through much of the 2010's which saw them win three Stanley Cups. The Pittsburgh Penguins also won three championships in the last 13 years.

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It turns out the Leafs are also the sixth-most in-demand sports team tattoo, based on country-specific Google Trends data, the study also found. Again, out of the top 20 teams on the list, the Leafs are the only hockey team.

This is surprising due to the Leafs 55-year Stanley Cup drought, however, they do have a very loyal fanbase and a very good team despite their history of losing in the first round.

Their team does have 13 Stanley Cup championships which we shouldn't forget.



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