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This NHL team wants to play games in Paris by 2025-26

The NHL is attempting to grow the league on a global scale, and one team in particular hopes to play a set of games in Paris by 2025-26.

According to reports from RDS journalist Francois Gagnon, the Montreal Canadiens owner would like to see the team play games in Europe, and their top option would be France.

“The chosen destination is Paris,” Gagnon wrote. “But it must wait until the ’25-26 season before the NHL gives it the green light.”

When asked about potentially playing games in Europe at NHL’s Board of Governors meeting Tuesday, Canadiens owner Geoff Molson said he did not have his sights set on any particular city but agreed that Paris makes the most sense.

“I think Paris would be a good fit, given we’re in Quebec,” he told reporters.

The Canadiens have not played in Europe since 1992, when they took part in a two-game series in London against the Chicago Blackhawks, with each team winning one game.

The Canadiens played against the Red Wings in Paris during the European tour of 1938, which was a set of nine games played in the UK and France.

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