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Three active NHLers closing in on this major career milestone

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

In the NHL, longevity is one of the most important tools when assessing whether a player is worthy of making the Hall-Of-Fame or not. There are currently three active players closing in on an impressive longevity milestone.

Ryan O'Reilly, Marc-Andre Fleury and Kyle Okposo are all within 16 games of surpassing the 1000 games plateau in the NHL. A very impressive feat that is not commonly achieved.

Currently in the NHL, there are 41 active players who have surpassed the 1000-game mark. Many of them having Hall-Of-Fame worthy careers. And while Marc-Andre Fleury is already a lock for the Hall, Ryan O'Reilly and Kyle Okposo still have more to prove.

While Fleury may take longer to achieve the 1000-game milestone as a back-up goaltender, it's likely that O'Reilly and Okposo will surpass this by the time December rolls around.

Other notable players likely to surpass the 1000-game mark this season are Cal Clutterbuck (984gp), Matt Duchene (976gp) and Victor Hedman (974gp).

Congratulations to these three players who hopefully have many more great seasons ahead of them.

Does Marc-Andre Fleury deserve to be in the Hall-Of-Fame?

  • Yes