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Tickets to see the Arizona Coyotes in their new arena are ridiculously expensive

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If you're a Coyotes fan and you were hoping to find $20 tickets to see your team in their new state of the art humungous arena, then you're out of luck.

The Coyotes will be playing their home games out of the Arizona State University arena for the next three years, and prices are about as outlandish as the idea of having an NHL club playing in a college arena.

See for yourself.

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$138 to sit 15 rows up behind the net is quite unbelievable, however i'm sure the Coyotes need to generate as much possible revenue to keep their Tempe arena hopes alive.

The cheapest available tickets are $89. Is it worth the price to see a potential 50+ loss team?

The city of Tempe is yet to approve the construction of a new home for the Arizona Coyotes, and if the board votes no, the Coyotes have plenty of options for relocation.


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Apr 22, 2022

Why can't they share the downtown arena with the Suns? Pretty stupid, but they have no fan base anyway.