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Tim Stutzle takes shots at the Leafs core players during an interview

The Leafs core-four is heavily criticized in the Media due to being highly overpaid against the NHL's Salary Cap.

These four players accumulate nearly 50% of the Leaf's annual payroll, making it hard for the team to keep strong depth players.

Recently, Tim Stutzle took shots at the Leafs during an interview (See Below).

Tim Stutzle's Comments Regarding the Salary Cap and the Leafs core

In a recent interview with The Athletic, Stutzle had the following to say regarding the Senators Young Core and the Salary Cap.

"Personally, I think if someone is making $10 or $11 million it makes it hard to win with the salary cap." Stutzle said. "But with everyone making under $9 million in our young core, I think we have a really good chance to win. And the only goal I really have is to win a Stanley Cup with this group of guys."

That is certainly a championship mindset.

This statement is clearly a jab at the Toronto Maple Leafs, who recently signed Auston Matthews to a major contract extension, and with William Nylander potentially earning an extension with an AAV north of $9 Million.

Tim Stutzle truly believes that the Senators have what it takes to go all the way with their core. He has a great mindset which can translate to even greater success in the Playoffs.

Nonetheless, Stutzle is a phenomenal team player who would sacrifice a couple Million in Salary to win himself the Stanley Cup.

Which team is more likely to win a Stanley Cup with their core?