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Timeline for when each Canadian NHL team will return to 100% capacity

With COVID-19 rules changing drastically across Canada and many restrictions being lifted, here is when every NHL team should expect to return to full capacity.

(Alberta) Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers

When the state of Alberta moves to stage 2 of their reopening on March 1st, the Oilers and Flames will be able to return to 100% capacity once again.

Both teams currently operate at 50% capacity, and food and drink restrictions had just recently been lifted on February 9th.

Montreal Canadiens

On February 21, the Montreal Canadiens will be able to return to 50% capacity according to the Quebec Provincial Government.

The Bell Center will be returning to 100% capacity beginning on March 14th as the province of Quebec loosens their tight restrictions.

(Ontario) Ottawa Senators, Toronto Maple leafs

Ontario sports teams capacity will return to 50% on February 17th, and if all goes well capacity could return to 100% as early as March 1st.

Currently, Ontario has a capacity limit of 1000 for professional sports.

Vancouver Canucks

The Vancouver Canucks capacity remains at 50% for the time being, however, an announcement of a return to full capacity is expected very soon.

Winnipeg Jets

The Winnipeg Jets will be returning to 100% capacity on Wednesday, February 16 when they host the Minnesota Wild.

Previously, capacity was limited to 250 people for their home games.



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