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Travis Hamonic and Tyler Motte are back !

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Travis Hamonic in the media:

Canucks defenseman Travis Hamonic is finally back from his long term leave of absence. He missed training camp and the first 9 games of the season.

He played his first AHL game on Saturday, October 30th in Abbotsford. He was asked to play in the Canucks line up after one practice game and two morning skates.

"He looked sharp, he looked better than I imagined he would. he kept himself in a very phenomenal condition, looks leaner than maybe he ever has in the past". - Travis Green on Travis Hamonic

Travis Hamonic had his first practice with the Canucks on November 1st in Burnaby. Afterwards, he came in front of the media and started his interview with a statement.

"I am very thankful and appreciative of the entire organization. They have been extremely respectful, helpful and supportive".

He was full of emotions the entirety of his interview. He stated in the beginning that he will answer all questions related to hockey, but he will like to keep his personal matters between him, his teammates, and family. Also, he said that he is vaccinated and following all the COVID protocols that are in place until that process is done.

It sounds like he's been very hurt on how everyone has been judging him

"I know everyone has a right to say what they believe or like, but as a society I think we should not judge anyone without knowing what's actually going on".

Hamonic said that he and his family been through a lot these past couple of months, but the organization has been fully supportive of Hamonic in these difficult times.

He looked excited to finally be back on ice with his teammates. Having Hamonic slot back into the line up will give Vancouver a massive boost on the defensive end.

Tyler Motte in the media:

Tyler Motte has finally announced that he is feeling good and is ready to play, but is still listening to advice from doctors and surgeons who want to ensure he is completely safe to return to the Canucks line up.

Motte finally announced he had been dealing with an on and off bulging disk in the upper vertebrae for a couple of years.

"There was a time where i symptomatically wasn't able to do what i wanted to do and have the functionality that i needed to play".

Motte is hopeful to be back in the line up soon. He explains how it is hard to re-join your team mid season while playing under a new system, with over 13 new team mates joining the Canucks in the off season.

"You want to be a part of getting to know the group and understanding the commodity and the character and culture thats in the room, and its hard to do when you're at an arms length".

Motte will be a massive key piece to add to the Canucks depth. Him slotting back into the line up will allow the Canucks to have a lot of scattered depth throughout their 4 lines.

Last season, Tyler Motte had 9 points (3 Goals, 6 Assists) in 24 games.

The Canucks are finally beginning to look like a complete team now that they're getting some of their key starters back into the line up. Lets hope the rest of the players can stay healthy through out the remainder of the season.



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