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Two teams show interest in playing outdoor game in foreign country

Outdoor games have been a long-standing tradition in the NHL, with the first official (regular season) outdoor match taking place on November 22, 2003.

Since then, 37 more outdoor games have followed suit, and many more are on the way.

Two teams have shown interest in playing an outdoor game in a country where Ice is rarely found. This would be a first for the league which has never played an outdoor game outside of the USA or Canada.

Is a Mexico City outdoor game in the horizon?

We have heard rumblings about a potential outdoor game in Mexico city for months now, with rumors first circling back in Late September.

Greg Wyshynski of ESPN was the first to report that the league was considering playing outdoors in Mexico, and is currently looking at sites for which the game could take place.

Following yesterdays Global Series game in Sweden, one of the league's top talents spoke out about his wish to play in Mexico City.

Auston Matthews interested in Mexico City game

Auston Matthews of the Maple Leafs first expressed his interest in playing an outdoor game in Mexico City, according to Chris Johnston of TSN.

Matthews was asked about where he thinks the NHL should look next for its annual event.

"I don't know, maybe Mexico City? That would be fun," Matthews replied. "Go home for a bit."

Matthews mother Ema is from Mexico City, so the stars interest in playing south of the border is understandable. Leafs coach Sheldon Keefe is also on board with the idea.

"It sounds like a wonderful idea. I think it’s good for Auston. I know that’s a very important place to him," Keefe said. "I think more probably, more importantly, to have somebody like Auston, that would be so important to him, to speak to how diverse our game is, and, and how much it's grown."

And now yet another team has announced they'd be interested in taking part in a global series game south of the US border.

Dallas Stars also express interest

As reported by Gord Miller of TSN, the Dallas Stars are also interested playing in Mexico City, and this could take place as early as next season.

Stars President and CEO Brad Alberts h