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WATCH: Canucks fan throws hot dog at Phil kessel (Video)

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This is a prime example of sports fans taking things way too far... Last night's game between the Vancouver Canucks and Arizona Coyotes was a slaughter fest, which saw the Canucks defeat the Coyotes 7-1.

This fan (clearly intoxicated) decided to throw a hotdog at Phil Kessel (watch below).

Things have since taken an ugly turn for the fan who had to delete his twitter due to the backlash. Dozens of responses from angry NHL fans are going after the fan who decided to throw the hotdog.

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If you didn't know, the Hot Dog is a reference to people making fun of Phil Kessel for his weight. Kessel's appearance is that of someone slightly out of shape, however, he is in phenomenal shape (better than most of us) as an NHL player.

In fact, Phil Kessel currently holds the NHL's longest ironman streak, which currently exceeds 950 straight games played. He is going after Keith Yandle's all-time record of 989 consecutive games. Pretty impressive.

Also, that's like a $20 hotdog, what a waste!