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Watch: TSN panel discusses if the NHL should adopt a play-in round for the playoffs

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The NHL playoffs begin in 3 weeks, and the TSN hockey panel is discussing the possibility of an NHL play-in tournament for future Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The Play-In tournament was successful when the NHL returned from pause in the shortened 2019-20 season and adapted to a 24-team tournament with 16 teams advancing from the play-in tournament into the first round of the playoffs.

The NBA brought back the play-in tournament for their 2022 playoffs, which sees the 7-10th seeded teams battling for an official playoff spot. Those games will take place between April 12-15th.

It appears NHL fans on twitter are torn between if it's a good idea or not, others would like to see a return to a 1-8 seed format instead of the current 1-3 divisional seeds.

Would this be a good idea for the NHL to adapt into?



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