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What's going on with Travis Hamonic?

by: Kiran Randhawa

Vancouver Canucks defenseman Travis Hamonic was granted a temporary leave of absence on October 18th when Jim Benning made an announcement through the Canucks twitter page.

For the moment, the 31-year old defenseman is suspended without pay . It was never publicly confirmed; but there are beliefs that his absence is related to his position as a unvaccinated individual. Rumors are circulating that he is worried about family safety regarding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Travis Hamonic is a very family oriented and emotional human being. He lost his father at the age of 10. During his 7 season tenure with the New York Islanders, every home game he would meet with one kid who had lost their parent(s) and give them a tour of the Islanders dressing room while talking about his experience to give them motivation.

Travis Hamonic told his daughter he would score a goal for her during her first game, he kept his promise.

“You bring your daughter to your first NHL game, she’s here, it’s a good luck charm, you acknowledge her in the warm-up, and then boom: dad scores a goal.” - Hamonic said to sportsnet during the first intermission.

The reason Travis Hamonic requested a trade from the New York Islanders to a western conference team was so he could stay close to his family. Which eventually led to him signing as a member of the Vancouver Canucks organization for $6M/2 years.

Travis Hamonic has recently been assigned to the AHL, where he was left off the Abbotsford Canucks roster to start the season.

I hope Travis Hamonic can figure out his personal matters, and come back to the

Vancouver Canucks where he belongs.



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