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What the heck is going on with the Vancouver Canucks?

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

The Vancouver Canucks; without an identity are struggling to win so far this season. Currently they sit in 7th place in the Pacific division with a 5-10-2 record. Canucks fans are protesting inside the arena and demand a response from Francesco Aquilini due to the teams on-ice performance. This team is struggling in so many ways and there has not been enough clarification with what's going on.

Today, the Canucks General Manager Jim Benning came in front of the media and discussed some of the issues that team is facing.

Some major points from the Benning interview:

Jim Benning during his interview

His views on the disappointing start:

This is not the start we envisioned after making those good moves in the summer to strengthen the team.

On the Penalty Kill and Powerplay:

Right now our special teams are hurting us. We have the personnel to have a real good power play and for whatever reason we're not performing well. And the Penalty kill is hurting us.

On Elias Pettersson's game:

Elias Pettersson

He is a big part of our team, and we all know the type of player he can be. Whether its the long lay off as he didn't play 4 months last year, it's our job as a management and coaching team to keep working with him to get him to where he needs to be.

About making changes:

We're looking at everything right now, I am working with the coaches and they are working with the players. We are talking to the agents about their players to see where they are at, what they are thinking and how we can help. I've looked through the outside, talking to other general Managers of other teams to see what's available if something makes sense.

Making the Playoffs :

We're gonna have to regain our confidence as a team and do a better job at the Penalty Kill. Some of our players have built up their confidence. I know it's gonna be hard, but we still wanna be a playoff team.

Updates on Brandon Sutter:

Brandon Sutter

He is feeling better, but as you guys know he's a Covid long hauler. He is no where near close to getting back on the ice.

Updates on Travis Hamonic Status:

Travis Hamonic

Now he's got both vaccines, he got his second dose a couple of days ago. So it'll be a couple of weeks then he will be able to go across the border.

Coach Travis Green's Job:

Canucks Coach Travis Green and Manager Jim Benning

Like I said we are looking at everything, Travis and his whole team is working really hard. This is wearing on them, this is wearing on all of us. This is something I did not expect after the moves we made in summer, but its happening and we got to deal with it. Find the answers and get things back on track.

About Fan's chanting on his Job and and all the hate:

It's really upsetting. As a management team from the past seven years, we are working really hard to draft well and develop our players properly. It's wearing on all of us from the ownership to the management to the coaches. The fans are frustrated and I get their frustration. We're frustrated, we need to find a way to start playing good games like I believe we are capable of.

Asked if his job is safe:

I am not gonna worry about that, it will be an ownership decision. If this gets to a point where they feel that I am not doing a good job and I have to be replaced then its their decision.

Asked if everyone's on same page in the locker room:

I think they are on same page. Like I am not with them during the practice, But we've got a good group of guys that get along well together. They have shown in the past that they are willing to work hard for each other.

About his meeting with Francesco Aquilini:

Francesco Aquilini and Jim Benning

We have these meetings with the owner periodically, it happens in any organization. We talked about how we did not start the season we had hoped.

For now there are not going to be any major changes in the management team. There are some Rumors that the ownership wants to wait at least 8-9 more games and then go on from there.

There is so much talent on this team which is either not getting proper direction or it's just a long slump stretch for the whole team. Whatever it is, I hope they can figure it out and start winning some games.



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