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Worst Referees So Far 2021-22: Canucks Edition

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

The zebra's aren't very popular in Vancouver. Seemingly season in/season out Canuck's fans are getting frustrated with consistently poor refereeing.

The Legend himself, Wes McCauley

The Canucks have had many encounters with poor officiating. One of the most memorable being Stephane Auger's incident with Alex Burrows back in 2010.

Alex Burrows was fined $2,500 for publicly accusing Auger of hitting him with three spiteful penalties, and for telling Burrows "I'll get you back" after an incident on Dec. 8, 2010 against Nashville where Burrow's was accused of diving on the play.

Here are the bottom line Worst Referees who have officiated a Canuck's game so far this season.

1 - Chris Schlenker

Notable losses: 7-1 Loss to Colorado, 7-4 Loss to Vegas

Schlenker might just be the most hated referee in the city right now. After a poor officiating job in Vegas which saw the Canucks accumulate 21 penalty minutes, including some highly questionable calls that cost us goals at key moments in the game, There is no doubt in my mind that the league needs to evaluate the 7-4 Canucks loss to Vegas and take action.

Poor calls in the game against Vegas include:

  • Demko getting called on a highly questionable delay-of-game when the net became dislodged, where the ref ruled that Demko had intentionally knocked the net off. this led to the 5-4 goal for Vegas, then the tires fell off.

  • The 4 minute roughing call on Oliver Ekman-Larsson who got into a altercation with Brayden McNabb, who only got 2 minutes on the play. this eventually led to Justin Bailey taking a weak hooking call that gave Vegas a two-man advantage late in the first period, eventually bringing them within 1 goal of the Canucks.

There were many more missed calls and questionable calls from the referee in this game.

If you watched this game against Vegas, you will fully understand the ref slander here. The Golden Ref's were out in full force tonight !

The game in Colorado was also very poorly officiated which saw the Canucks get 12 penalty minutes on many questionable calls, with many missed calls going toward the Avalanche in the 7-1 loss.

2 - Corey Syvret

Notable losses: 3-2 Loss to Anaheim

Syvret is a former NHL draft pick who has now officiated 56 games in the league. He was drafted at #187 overall by the Florida Panthers back in 2007 and never made it past the AHL level.

He made many questionable calls in the 3-2 loss to Anaheim including the controversial call against Vancouver at 17:11 into the 3rd period. Ryan Getzlaf tripped over Jaroslav Halak's skate & dove to the ice as seen below:

Whos going to tell Getzlaf that the next Summer Olympics are 4 years away?

The "Ref You Suck" chants filled the arena for the remaining minutes of the game and luckily, with the net empty, Elias Pettersson managed to tie it up and send the game to overtime despite this poor call.

Well into overtime the chants continued, I hope Syvret will hear these chants every time he closes his eyes.

I was at the game, and it truly was a beautiful moment 🥲

We will update this list as more ref's do a poor officiating job.



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