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Barzal shares his earliest memory skating with Bedard

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Connor Bedard is currently the center of attention heading into the 2023-24 season, and has received high praise from some of the league's top players.

Mat Barzal of the Islanders, also a British Columbia native, shares his first memory skating alongside Connor Bedard.

Barzal on his first time skating alongside Bedard:

"He couldn't have been older than 12. He had a big cage on and skates that were a little too big..." Said Barzal.

"I was like 20, or I don't know how old, but he was out there with the NHL guys, and it was funny. We were like, 'who's this kid?' Then, two years later, he's (Bedard) shooting harder than all of us. He's danging NHL defensemen. He's an incredible talent".

At 26-years-old, Barzal has been lighting the lamp for some time now. He is known as one of the best passers in the league, and also one of the most skilled.

The future looks bright, and the league is in great hands moving forward.

Will Bedard be a Hall-Of-Famer at the end of his career?

  • Yes