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Bruce Boudreau makes shocking revelation involving Quinn Hughes

During a segment on the NHL network, Bruce Boudreau, former Vancouver Canucks head coach, made a shocking revelation involving captain Quinn Hughes and a member of the Canucks organization.

Quinn Hughes has been the best defenseman in the league during the 2023-24 campaign. He has seen a major improvement over last year, despite still putting up incredible numbers. Canucks fans have tried to forget about the series of unfortunate events that led to the team missing the playoffs for the third year in a row, but Boudreau reveals something that could have drastically changed this team.

Quinn Hughes at Center?

"Somebody in the Vancouver organization tried to make me make Quinn Hughes a centerman last year". Bruce Boudreau reveals.

you can watch the full video below:

"I gotta say this for the first time on TV. I'm not going to say who, but somebody, in that Vancouver organization tried to make me make Quinn Hughes a center last year" Bruce Boudreau said. "And I refused to do it, and I said I'm not making him a center, I'm not making him a center, and they kept trying to put me to put Quinn at center, and I'm so glad I didn't".

"First of all, he'd probably not taken it very well. And secondly, the year he's having, a Norris trophy kind of year, boy, its quite a difference from him playing center on that team" Bruce adds.

Canucks fans are taking to X to thank Boudreau for his decision to keep Hughes in the defensive position.