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Canadiens forward sends direct threat to Leafs Ryan Reaves

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Ryan Reaves is widely regarded as one of the toughest enforces in the league, and is known to get under the skin of many of its players.

During a recent interview, young Canadiens forward Michael Pezzetta had some words for Reaves following their recent fight that took place a few years back at Madison Square Garden.

"When I heard Reaves was signing with Toronto, I was excited. I'm someone who likes to play hard, so when there are guys like him on the other side, it makes things more interesting."

It appears Pezzetta is out for revenge on Reaves. The young player has not been in too many physical altercations during his career, however, Reaves has clearly been on his radar for some time now.

"You never know. Maybe I'll get another chance to fight him, and this time it'll be better."

The fans would love to see these two square off once again. Their last fight took place on November 16, 2021 (See Below).

The Leafs signed Reaves during Free Agency on July 1st, to a three-year, $4.05 Million contract.

Should the NHL ban fighting?

  • Yes