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Coyotes drop major hint towards future in Arizona, new arena location rumoured

While relocation is still a possibility, the Arizona Coyotes have dropped a major hint that they may get an arena deal done soon.

The Coyotes are in year two of playing at the 4,600 capacity Mullett arena, and are still in the process of finding a new home in the Valley.

After talks of building a new arena in Tempe initially fell flat, the teams future in Arizona became uncertain, and speculations built that relocation was inevitable for the struggling franchise.

However, discussions over a new arena being built in nearby Mesa have recently begun, and a building proposal was released.

And now on Wednesday morning, the Coyotes released a possible hint that a new arena deal could be announced shortly.

Could this imply that the team is staying in the Grand Canyon state? That is very likely. They've built themselves an exciting young core of players, and are in the hunt for a playoff spot in the Western conference.

New Arena site rumored

As reported by Craig Morgan of The Athletic, a potential new site for the arena has also recently been released.

This would place the new arena in the area of Scottsdale, North-East of Phoenix.

While several cities hope to obtain an NHL franchise in the future, it's likely they may have to wait for expansion for



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