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Erik Karlsson takes shots at Penguins teammates following OT Loss

The Pittsburgh Penguins lost in Overtime to the Carolina Hurricanes on Saturday night. Erik Karlsson spoke to the media following the loss, where he took aim at certain individuals on the team.

Certainly, lots of luck goes into determining who wins in overtime. But Karlsson alluded to there being several ways the Penguins can better position themselves in critical contests such as Saturday’s against a Divisional rival.

Pittsburgh would tie the game up in the final minute of regulation, only to lose in Overtime on a defensive error where the tired Penguins players would not be able to get off on a line change. This is certainly frustrating when you've clawed back from a 2-0 deficit in the third period. There were certainly plenty of emotions with the Penguins players.

Erik Karlsson spoke to the media following this frustrating loss on Saturday night.

He was asked about the Pittsburgh Penguins 3-on-3 struggles, and the nature of the problem.

“I have my theories,” Karlsson said. “But I’ll keep it to myself.”

The Penguins have had struggles in the extra frame while Crosby, Malkin and Karlsson take the ice. He could be acknowledging the speed of some of the younger players they face, as the 3-on-2 in overtime which led to the goal was caused by a poorly timed line change by a tired Crosby.

Age could be a contributing factor towards their Overtime struggles, and it's almost a no brainer that this was Karlsson's intention when he made that statement.

Currently, the Penguins record is 20-15-6, placing them seventh in the stacked Metropolitan Division. They're no strangers to struggling beyond 60 minutes, with this being their sixth loss in extra time.

The Penguins next game is on Monday, January 15 at 1PM EST against the Seattle Kraken.