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Insider predicts Patrick Kanes next team

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Patrick Kane trade rumors remain red hot as the 2023-24 season gets underway, and one insider has revealed which team he believes will make a move to acquire the star winger.

Rory Boylen of Sportsnet predicts the Buffalo Sabres will be the team to sign Patrick Kane.

"Though they (Buffalo) haven't made the playoffs in 12 years, the Sabres usually get off to a pretty good start and that would put them in good standing when Patrick Kane is ready to sign with someone" Boylen wrote.

Kane remains unsigned, and may be ready for a new team soon as he recovers from hip resurfacing surgery. Following the June 1st procedure, he was given a 4-6 month recovery time. This puts him in a timeline to return sometime between now and December.

On 32 thoughts the podcast, Elliotte Friedman also recently pointed out that Sabres GM Kevyn Adams was Kane's first roommate in 2007-08. Meaning there is already an established relationship between the two. Also, Kane is a native of Buffalo.

In the 2022-23 campaign, Kane scored 21 goals and 57 points in 73 games, a career-low points per game total for the hall-of-fame forward.

The three-time Stanley Cup champion will likely have an AAV between $7-9 million when he does decide he's ready for a new team. He will bring valuable leadership and playoff experience.

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