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John Tavares unveils his future in the NHL

John Tavares is just a year and a half away from entering free agency, as his 7-year deal signed back in 2018 is set to expire following the 2024-25 season. The question remains, will Tavares retire a Maple Leaf?

He'll be 34-years-old by the time his contract expires. The Mississauga native has a cap hit of $11,000,000 through the remainder of his deal.

While he will not be due for a pay raise given his age at the time of the upcoming contract expiration, there is always a possibility that another team will be willing to pay him more than the Leaf's will be able to offer as he will be entering UFA status (Unrestricted Free-Agency).

Tavares comments on his future with the Leafs

Following Nylander signing a massive 8-year, $92,000,000 contract extension with the Maple Leaf's just days ago, the media was quick to ask John Tavares if he sees himself sticking around.

According to Luke Fox of Sportsnet, Tavares reiterates that like Nylander, he too wishes to stay in Toronto.

Tavares wanting to stick around his home city to potentially win a championship should be no surprise. He's been a Leafs fan since his childhood. As the captain of this team, he would like to offer guidance to his younger teammates as their window to win remains wide open.

Tavares could be looking at an extension similar to the one Ovechkin signed back in 2021. His contract was 5-years, $47,500,000 for a ($9.5M cap hit).

He will likely need to sign a team-friendly deal which helps the team put money into other departments such as goaltending, and defense.



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